WaterSoft is committed to providing the water treatment industry’s highest quality and most innovative products—all designed, developed, tested, and assembled in Ashland, Ohio.

Water Softeners

WaterSoft water softeners can resolve common issues caused by hard water, like spots on fixtures and dishes, unpleasant odors or clogged drains. Hard water is the result of a combination of dissolved calcium and magnesium. These minerals cause soap scum and water spots on water fixtures, and can greatly shorten the lifespan of common appliances. Hard water frequently necessitates 20-30% more energy to heat water, and 3-4 times more soap and detergent for cleaning and laundry. Review our comprehensive line of WaterSoft water softeners below, or talk to us today if you’d like assistance selecting a solution.

Iron/Sulfur Aeration Filtration

WaterSoft offers the most innovative line of iron and sulfur filters on the market, allowing us to provide you with highly specialized solutions to your specific water problems. After testing your water, we can recommend exactly which treatment method is right for you. View our options below, or feel free to contact us to learn more.

Whole House Filters

WaterSoft offers a versatile range of whole house filters that can be used to neutralize acidic water, remove chlorine, filter out sediment, or to improve your water’s taste, odor, and color. Just as different water sources present their own unique problems, our variety of filter types—including a wide selection of media and cartridge options—can be custom-tailored to provide you with a solution.

Control Valves

WaterSoft is the primary manufacturer of the most innovative systems and control valves in the water treatment industry. Our advanced control valves are designed, developed, tested and assembled in Ashland, Ohio. Choose from our innovative line of control valves below, or talk to us if you’d like assistance selecting a solution.

Reverse Osmosis and Ultraviolet Systems

Our whole house UV systems offer you peace of mind, ensuring you that all of the water entering your home is free of harmful microbiological contaminants. Our under-sink Reverse Osmosis system offers efficient and effective removal of unwanted impurities, leaving you with safe, great-tasting, pure drinking water.


WaterSoft designs, engineers, and supplies the most innovative commercial water treatment systems in the industry. From our extensive standard line of readily-available catalog models, to custom-engineered solutions, we offer equipment for typical commercial applications, including schools, hospitals, apartment complexes, nursing homes, dairy operations, hotels, and public water systems.

SQUAT - Low Profile

Our Squat Low Profile Water Treatments Systems are designed for space saving and are ideal for low ceilings and crawl spaces.